Essay about Religion And The Middle Ages

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Religion has been tied to art long before our society even had a word for it. Since ancient times art has been used to promote the ideas and beliefs of many different religions to the world. Pictures of half human half animal beings paint the walls of Paleolithic caves the Egyptians hieroglyphics and statues depict their gods and the Greeks built temples and reliefs to worship and tell the stories of their gods the medieval ages were no different. The middle ages brought the rise of the popularity of the religion known as Christianity and the many works of art that would come with it.
The medieval ages also known as the middle ages was the period of history that was marked by the fall of the Roman empire in Europe and lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century. Like the previous civilizations before it, religion played an important role in medieval Europe .The medieval ages were dominated by Christianity. Christianity is the religion based on the person and lessons of Jesus Christ. The practice of Christianity had been around long before the start of the middle ages however; it was seen as a threat by the Roman Empire and was banned from being practiced. Until Emperor Constantine made Christianity legal followed by Emperor Theodosius I declaring that Christianity was the sole religion of the empire seventy years later. The art of the middle ages can be divided into four phases early Christian art, Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic. Just as all periods of art, each…

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