Religion And The First Place Essay examples

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Growing up, I was raised as a Roman Catholic and even the thought of someone being a non-believer was enough to make my relatives tremble. I never thought about religion and God much when I was little but I did have quite negative feelings towards going to Church. It’s probably due to waking up 7 year old me at 6:30am on a Sunday morning to get ready for Church, which to me was standing in a cold building while adults read from a big book. Morbidly enough, the only reason I continued to believe in God was my aunties telling me that being a non-believer means you burn in hell. It wasn’t unusual to hear my relatives tell me that being an atheist leads to an eternity in hell and it was definitely something that probably made me have a negative approach to religion in the first place. Faith should not be based on feelings of apprehension and dread, it should be a source of gratification and joy.

I grew up surrounded by a Catholic family, I was baptised as a baby and I also had a Holy Communion when I was eight years old where I went to confession for the first time in my life. I knew that I wasn’t comfortable talking to a priest about anything “sinful” I had done recently, I still don’t understand how an eight year old could truly sin and feel so bad about it that they had to ask God for forgiveness. Is it okay that an eight year old has to feel bad because God doesn’t approve of her arguing with her sister over minor and, in reality, unimportant things? Does God truly care…

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