Essay about Religion And Its Influence On Religion

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What is religion? Many people clarify it as someone 's faith and what/who they believe in. Others view it as something that allows people to be superior over the other, otherwise seen as glorified ignorance. Some may not even believe in any religion or do not even care about religion in general. The term ‘Religion’ is a difficult one to really understand, only because there are countless definitions to explain it and because people label it according to their own idea of it. The proper (using ‘proper’ loosely because of the numerous different interpretations) definition of religion is “the belief in or worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods” ( People, as a whole, need to understand the correct definition of religion and its attributes so that others don’t set up any biased ideas of it.
Based on The Etymology of Religion, religion means ‘to bind’, given from Roman grammarian (4th century A.D.) ( This given root has the audacity to mean that all religions are connected in some way, being a good thing. Binding is given the definition of connecting and uniting. Religion is meant to bring people together under one God or gods. Also, not necessarily just one God or gods, with opposing religions as well. If everyone believes in their own religion, good for them. If they believe in their own religion while being considerate of others religions as well, there will be no tension between one another. Individuals…

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