Essay on Religion And Evolution Of Religion

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While there is a belief that humans have evolved from apes, religion has an explanation. Evolution is the theory that modern life has descended from a common ancestor, through the process of natural selection. Faith on the other hand, claims that life was created in the form it is today with some alterations from God. Since evolution was found it has been debated by all faiths. Evolution generates an explanation for the origin of life which is not necessary when there is religion, logic, and evidence explaining each aspect. Religion guides people and hence the need for evolution become unnecessary.
Both religion and evolution can be seen as a concept that gives answers to people. For some religion retorts many questions and is a pathway of life, while evolution is a theory and a theory only, that many Darwinist hold so dearly. Humans get unsettled when they can’t identify what is going on and religion is what they can use as a guide. Religion shows many how to live their lives and also enlightens them of the benefits and consequences of their actions. After people realize that evolution is a theory about the origin of life, what more can they possibly get from it? There is no path for living life after that, but with religion there is. Throughout my high school career, I have learned about evolution and its phony theories, but have yet to learn logical thinking against it. I believe the media is the trigger that has set many people’s minds into believing in evolution. Fake…

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