Religion And Ethnicity : What Makes You Think About It? Essay

855 Words Nov 28th, 2016 4 Pages
1. How often during the day do you think about what gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, state of health, and/or physical ability or you ‘inhabit’? What makes you think about it? I have found myself studying the concepts of religion and ethnicity for a monumental amount of time, Not everyday mind you, but to the point that I would consider it often. The reason that sticks out the most for way I might ponder this concept is fore the fact that I want to understand people. Due to religion and different ethnic backgrounds people tend to have different views on topic such as how a government should be run, what makes someone who they are, and/or life in general. I have always wanted to try solving the problem of how we as people can connect and understand each other despite the differences.
2. What parts of your cultural heritage have you kept? What have you let go of? Why? From the moment I entered church at a young age I was taught many African American Spirituals. I still remember a few to this day and remember what they meant and the feelings behind said songs, to always remember that God was always with us even through the dark times. But while this may not be on my part most people of African American descent mostly the younger generations have forgotten what are ancestors had to go through and take for granted what they have today. I speculate that the reason behind this is that during time of prosperity you tend to forget the time of strife.
3. Recall and reflect…

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