Religion And Ethnicity : Theoretical Connections Essay

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In the article “Religion and Ethnicity: Theoretical Connections”, the writes Rebecca Y. Kim discusses the relationship between people’s ethnicity and religious affiliations. Although it mentions many immigrants assimilate to the American way and change their religious believes, many still continue with their religious believes they were taught growing up. Although there are many religions in America and people of certain ethnicities tend to be drawn more towards one religion versus another; Christianity prevails amongst all other religions. It is very influential, including the political force (Kim,2010). In the article “Religion and attainment” (Kiester,2011), it explains how children accept the religion taught to them by their parents and peers growing up. Many ends up changing their religious believe as they grow up and become adults. Many change their religions but many end up not believing in any religion after all. People’s religious attitudes are not just influenced by the people that surrounds them but by their social status as well. This research is a quantitative method research. A quantitative research focuses on numbers to discuss and describe the patterns of the data. The data used for this research comes from data collected by someone else, this is known as secondary data. I did not conduct any research or studies to get my data; the research data was provided to me by my Sociology R111 professor. Using secondary data is convenient due to the fact that the…

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