Essay on Reliable And Valid Selection Tools

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2. Selection Tools

2.1. Reliable and Valid Selection Tools
After recruiting potential job candidates, the process of selection comes into play. In Human Resources, selection is a good predictor of how that department is doing, as it is their responsibility to hire the applicants that fit best with the company (Gomez, Balkin & Cardy, 2016, p. 179). If associates do not feel that they enjoy their job or fit well within the company, they may be less likely to stay. For this reason, good selection procedures are crucial to help decrease turnover, in turn lowering the high costs associated. This process measures candidates’ attributes in respect to a job description, ultimately creating a score that determines if this applicant will get the job (Gomez, Balkin & Cardy, 2016, p. 171). Selection, though, cannot exist without reliability and validity.
Reliability can be defined as the “degree to which an assessment tool produces stable and consistent results” (Phelan & Wren, 2016). While perfect reliability is rare as there are sometimes unwanted or unexpected influences, this measure is important in the selection process as it allows employers to compare the ability of applicants across the board based on the same criteria. Reliability is also important as it helps keep companies from being sued for discrimination. The term that goes hand in hand with reliability, is validity. Validity can be described as the amount of accuracy measured by an assessment tool (Phelan & Wren,…

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