Reliability And Validity Of Reliability Essay

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Reliability and validity are important factors; they are key factors for having a good test. Reliability is when your test is consistent, whereas validity is the accuracy of your test. You can have a reliable test, yet not valid, but you cannot have a valid test without it being reliable. Here is an example of how reliability and validity work together. Let’s say your scale is 5lbs off, if you weigh yourself it will consistently weigh you 5 lbs off, this is reliability. Validity is your test measuring what it was meant to measure. This means the scale is not valid because it is measuring 5lbs off; it is inaccurate towards your weight. Therefore our scale was reliable, but not valid.

Method Numbers of participants in this study are 109, 76 of them are female, while the other 33 are male. The mean for all of our participant’s age is 19.48, while our SD is 1.119. There were not very large gaps in age for this study. So the oldest participant in the study (maximum) was the age 23, while the youngest (minimum) was 18. Our participants were measured by their self-esteem, his or her worth to themselves.
There were 10 self-esteem questions in the study, on a scale from 1-7, 1 being strongly disagree & 7 being strongly agree. Scoring high numbers should equal more self-esteem; lower numbers should equal lower self-esteem. Five of the items are more negative in their statements, while the other 5 are rather positive. Scoring higher on the more positive items, but lower on the…

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