Essay Relaxation Techniques And Its Effects On Our Lives

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7. We can do many different things (other than relaxation techniques) to help us eliminate, reduce and modify the stressors in our lives. First, we can avoid unnecessary stress. As I made the 2x2 box of changeability and impact/importance, it was easy to see what is stressing me out most and how much control I have over each of these stressors. To avoid unnecessary stress, I can pick my environment and learn to say ‘no’ in certain situations. By putting myself in places and situations that I know we can handle, I will be able to reduce the amount of stress I feel. Second, I can change the situation. To do this, I need to be more willing to compromise, display better time management, and express how I am truly feeling, instead of keeping it all inside. Third, I can practice not “sweating the small stuff.” These little things don’t even matter, so it’s not going to do much good to sit around worrying about them. Focusing on perspective can be the key to this.

8. The general adaptation syndrome describes the three phases in which stress takes its toll on the body. Stage one is the alarm reaction. In this stage, several body systems are activated, including the nervous system and the endocrine system. Following their activation is the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and musculoskeletal systems. All of these senses become alert until the danger is over. Stage two is the stage of resistance. In this stage, the body tries to go back to a state of physiological calmness by resisting…

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