Relationships Can Be Hard Work Essay

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Two Years Later

Relationships can be hard work. There’s no manual created to tell you how to fall in love and how to maintain that love but, I believe when it’s the right person you won’t even need a manual. My boyfriend Joe and I have been together for almost two years now. We are young, we are very young especially to have such a serious relationship. He wasn’t what I was expecting at that time in my life. I was already busy enough between being captain of the cheering team, starting my senior year of high school, hanging out with friends, college searching and working my first job. It started just as a fun fling, a flirtatious crush but, that quickly all changed. Since then we have become best friends and lovers. He is the person I confide in, my safe place and it all feels so natural. Joe and I grew up together, elementary, middle and high school. We are a year a part grade wise, I’m a grade ahead of him so, we weren’t really even considered friends, more of acquaintances, we have a great deal of mutual friends. We quickly became friends in September of my senior year, our flirtations turned into movie dates and spending hours driving around talking after his football games. This was just the beginning of our social penetration. Social penetration is “The process of developing deeper intimacy with another person through mutual self disclosure and other forms our vulnerability” (Altman & Taylor, 2015, p. 97). The hours we spent talking were a game changer. It was the…

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