Summary: Changing Relationships

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In The Wednesday wars, there are many changing relationships. Some including, Holling and Heather, Mrs. Bigio and Mai Thi, and Holling and Mrs. Baker. While these relationships are all different, a brother and sister, a student and the cafeteria manager, and a student and teacher, they all relate in one way. They start off problematic, and got better in the end. One of these relationships consist of the school cafeteria manager, Mrs. Bigio, and a Vietnamese student, Mai Thi. Mrs. Bigio´s husband was killed in the Vietnam war, and unfortunately, she took her sadness and anger out on Mai Thi. A few weeks after Mrs. Bigio found out about her husband, she said something rather insensitive. She told her that she didn't deserve to be here when our American soldiers are dying in Vietnam. Then, on a cold winter day at school, the heaters had broke from all the snow outside. Mrs. Bigio decided to make hot chocolate for all the …show more content…
When this hook starts, they fight constantly and don’t communicate very much. Whenever Holling would go to her room, she would lock or shut the door and increase the music volume. She was embarrassed of him, even more so when Holling played Ariel the fairy in the The Tempest play. Heather would always stand up for her father, and she wished for Holling to do the same. After Heather ran away, he realized that he actually cared for his sister. When she called from Minneapolis, this progression showed even more. They both stayed on the phone for minutes just crying, showing she had felt the same. Holling wanted to help his sister, so he ditched school, cashed in his savings bond, and mailed her the money. A few days later, he walked miles just to pick up his sister from the train station. They then walked around places including the park, hand in hand. When he stood up to his father, Heather was proud of him. They changed from very much disliking each other, to loving each other, as siblings

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