Relationship Of Hospital Staff And Patient With Mental Illness

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Dylan Bader
Field work paper

For my field work internship i am interning at a hospital as a security guard. For my paper i wanna look at the relationship of hospital staff and patient with mental illness. I had gone into this with no experience at all with dealing with people besides what i have learned from normal day to day interactions. Security is a very interesting field. There are many different types of levels of security which have different levels of difficulty. From what i have seen hospital security could be one of the most challenging of them all. When you go to a hospital you usually do not go there for fun. A hospital is usually filled with people who are sick and possibly and dying which means one of many
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Both Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson believe some issues lie in the stages of growing up. Both there theories Psychosexual Theory and Psychosocial theory could help address the issues the patients faced. Both theorist believed in the importance of the unconscious mind and how people's actions and reactions to issues from the stages of life they failed to reach(Dobinson 2016 Kivnick 2014). For this part my main focus in on the first stage of development.The first stage is “Trust vs. Mistrust”. This stage begins during birth and ends at the age of 1. As an infant you begin to rely on your parent figure because you are helpless. If you parent lacks to provide you with basic trust this may cause for a struggle to build other relationships later on(Kivnick 2014). This Erikson's theory helps understand why the hospital becomes a place for people with mental health issues to struggle. Just think if you have an issue with trust and someone you have never met tells you to take some pills that might make you feel differnt.It clarifies why patients may stop taking their meds that help them day to day conform to a normal member of …show more content…
I respected the code that the hopstial followed wich required all patients to be treaty witht he utmost respect no matter the difficulties. Some times it is not always that easy. During my time at my intership i saw many things that found to be good and bad. I saw people who truly should be working in this field and no matter how hard it became they provided the highest quality care to the patients. The staff in the hosptial works exstremely hard and can be very over worked to the point where you ight not be able to give a hundred precent. I then saw the lack of support for the mentally ill community. I did nter at a private hosptial wich tends to work off profit and not state funded money. This means people were using there own insuracne to pay for being there. The hosptial envirmental services keeps the place in top condition so it looks visually appelaing to the guest. The staff is over the top with friendlyness and makes you have that fmaily like feeling. During my time there i tried to give the highest quality care and attention when i was there. I believe i have changed my views and my own ways of handling differnt intreactions bewteen

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