Relationship Centered Model of Care in Dementia and the Six Senses Framework

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Relationship Centered Model of Care in Dementia and the Six Senses Framework
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Anticipating and enhancing the health and wellbeing of the older person with dementia in hg
Alzheimer’s Scotland (2014) estimate that there are 88,000 people in Scotland with
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To establish RCC, Pew-Fetzer (1994) united the biomedical with the psychosocial element of care to conceptualise health care and recognise that the nature and the quality of relationships is necessary to broaden the health care delivery system. Beech and Unui (2006) Founded four principles of successful RCC, these included; relationships in health care should include the personhood of the individuals, that affect and emotion are important components of relationships in health care, that all healthcare relationships occur in context of reciprocal influence, and finally that RCC should have moral foundation This in relevance to dementia care is important, as often the family play a pivotal role in the care of an individual with dementia with support from many different health professionals. However many researchers have found that little is known about how to develop and sustain such relationships in a health care environment (Dewar and Nolan 2013).
Nolan et al. (1999) considered how positive relationships can be created and sustained and developed the ‘senses framework’. Nolan et al. (2001) suggests that individuality certainly shouldn’t be ignored in dementia care, but rather that for most people relationships are crucial in determining quality care. This framework comprises of the six senses; security, continuity,

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