Relationship Between Women And Women Essay

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The practice is mostly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, dry-sex practices are not limited to Africa. Afro-Surinamese women frequently use genital steam baths that contain tightening and drying herbs (van Andel, 2007; van de Wilgert, et al., 2000); Bekisnska et al., 1999;).

The literature review evidences that having a real time in sexual intercourse is a desire on the part of both men and women. Women are eager to please their men regardless at times of consequences. However, due to a male dominated society and the ‘active’ role of the men dependent on cultural context, during this process, men tend to indirectly impose their desires on the women. There is a lot of pressure on women to attain and maintain their sexuality and please men. Women have to obey and adhere due to the societal pressures and the cultural factors. It may also be due to the lack of awareness of the physical consequences and outcomes that may be faced by fulfilling the sexual desires of their partners. Women in such cultures are shy in expressing themselves and prefer to bear the pain instead of talking about it. The stigma and taboo associated with discussing sexual issues are also a key factor in this respect. In many African cultures, sex as phenomena is not discussed between men and women; it is only discussed secretly by man, treated as sacred and confined to persons in relationships. Due to cultural restrictions, there is a lack of formal sex education systems in many parts of the…

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