Relationship Between The Present And The Past Essay

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Societies evolve through time. By looking at the relationship between the present and the past, it is possible to infer that the future will also be different from that of today. As society changes, so does the people within the society. People are greatly influenced and shaped by their interactions. These interactions allow for the formation of culture and its integration into society. Culture is defined as a set of beliefs, traditions, and practices. Socialization is defined as the process by which individuals internalize the values, beliefs, and norms of a given society and learn to function as a member of that society. By combining both definitions, socialization can be the course by which individuals internalize culture and learn how to integrate into society by using it. Culture has other definitions as well. It is defined by Matthew Arnold as the pursuit of perfection and broad knowledge of the world. In Marx 's reflection theory, he states that culture is a projection of social structures and relationships and a reflection of the means of production of a particular time. He also argues that our norms, values, and ideologies are outgrowths of the technology. Therefore, using both Marx 's reflection theory and the definitions of cultures, technology would have the most impact on socialization in the future. It allows for broaden knowledge and changes in function in society. However, gender, race, and social class do contribute to socialization.

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