Relationship Between The Adolescents Drinking Patterns And The Parenting Styles

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Different than other studies, their parents completed questionnaires to determine the parenting styles for these adolescents, thus examining the relationship between the adolescents drinking patterns and the parenting styles. The results of this study showed that the heavy and binge drinkers were the teens who received harsh punishments and inconsistent discipline. The researchers thus made the connection that harsh discipline and improper discipline is connected with alcohol abuse. Improper discipline is, in other words, illogical control which is an aspect of authoritarian parenting. This research is consistent with other research that shows an authoritarian parenting style to lead to high rates of alcohol and substance abuse in adolescents. A study with similar results is the study mentioned above by Latendresse et al. in 2008. Rather than asking the parents about the parenting styles, the adolescents were questioned for this study. The parenting mechanisms were measured by asking the adolescents questions about parental warmth and tension with their parents. There were many items for the adolescents to rate on a 4-point scale about their parents’ parenting practices such as, “parents listen to my opinions”, “parents thank and encourage me”, “parents try to sort it out and discuss it if I’ve behaved badly”, “parents punish me if I do something I’m not supposed to”, and many more. While the results of this study did show that a permissive-neglectful style of parenting led…

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