Essay about Relationship Between Service And The Provider

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In this week 's topic, it concerns about service work. It mentioned that service workers perhaps self-employed, employees in private enterprises or employees of government. For examples, waiter, tailor, hairdresser, frontliners in a customer services and others. The principle of service work lies between the interaction of the provider and the receiver that known as a client or a customer. The relationship between the provider and the customer is crucial in order to make the customer feel satisfied with the service provided. By this, it able to create loyal customers and makes them comeback for the service. There are several interaction standards criteria for judging the success of a service interaction. For employers, it mentioned that larger numbers of customers were served indicates higher productivity and efficiency. However, it is not necessarily a success when it comes to the effectiveness and the quality produced by the provider. If the provider merely focused only getting a greater profit, the service may lack in term of the quality and effectiveness. Certain customers may not satisfied with the service and gain bad reviews. This happened to my hometown; Brunei Darussalam, where telecommunication service provides poor services such as Datastream Technology Communications Sdn Bhd (DST). The fact that DST monopolies the telecommunication services, using their services is rather expensive. Moreover, it provides incompetent services to the customers. When the customers’…

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