Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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Relationship is a particular aspect or ways of two or more people or object that are connected, deal with each other or state being connected to one another. According to the “Initiating a Relationship” Elia/Chen Lecture Notes (class reader section 1), “Relationships – romantic & sexual, traditional, monogamous lovers, married couples. Often reflects stereotypical gender roles in dating & family life. In every type of relationship there is different steps of how to engage and develop a relationship with family, friends or most importantly is how to develop a relationship to someone who just met. Some people think/know that a person would be a good romantic partner for them within the first few minutes of meeting them in person or by just judging from their first impression. I disagree with knowing if a person can be a romantic partner just meeting them for the first time because people cannot just decide and know that the person they just met for first time can be a romantic partner easily, they just met and they don’t know each other very well. Based on my experience and people that I know is that I cannot just know someone that I just met first time can be a romantic partner because you do not know that person well, what is the person’s family background, his/her characteristic. We need to get to know the person first before entering a new relationship. I need to know his personality, background and what he is truly. According to website of “Changing minds” of…

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