Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships Essay

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Everyone has either been in a relationship, had a crush, or has been in a life long relationship whether that is marriage or a life long partner. My question to the readers is, what went wrong? Why did that relationship fail or what makes it work? According to writer Sara Altschule from, in order to have a healthy relationship you need to be able to, “form a trusting and positive partnership” (Altschule, 2016). Every relationship needs work and every relationship doesn’t start out with rainbows and butterflies. It takes time, effort, understand, and a lot of love and compassion. If love and compassion do not exist, than what is the point, right? Wrong. You cannot assume that when you met your current boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife that you loved him right then and there. It took time to love him or her, but compassion was present at first glance. This paper is not going to be myself telling you my love story, it is not going to coat the bad times and make it sound as thought I didn’t have any, but this paper is going to tell you my conflict I faced. The nights where I gave up, cried myself to sleep, and what lead to my depression at that time. I am going to use the Internet, the book from this class, and an interview with my significant other (Kody), to walk myself and the reader through my faults and what I needed to do, to make my conflicts turn into resolutions. Now I know this isn’t the paper expected, but finding a passion about something more than…

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