Narrative Essay About Unhealthy Relationships

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I had a lot of unhealthy relationships when I was younger. I wanted to find love so bad, but all I kept finding were losers... attractive losers, but losers nonetheless. I figured that I would be able to change them. Of course, that never worked. I had one heartbreak after another as I either realized that it wasn't going to work out or they did.

You may be wondering if there was something wrong with me that my relationships didn't work out. There was!

I was a good person, and I expected to date a good person and be in a good relationship - even if I wasn't fully aware of that fact. So there was a lot of resistance there when the guy I was dating was incapable of being the type of 'good' that I expected. That resistance caused strain in the relationship and eventually it was over - one way or the other.
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I was attracted to jerks - even though I didn't like the way they treated people - and so I always dated guys who were obviously very selfish. They would steal from me, stay out all night without calling me, and do other things with no consideration for my thoughts, feelings, or needs. No wonder my relationships sucked so bad!

I Deserve Someone Stable

Stability is a good thing in life and in relationships. I learned from my parents that if someone is stable in their life, then there is a greater chance that they will be stable in their relationships.

The guys I dated weren't very stable.

Some were in and out of jobs. Some lived with a group of people or, worse, their mothers. Some partied all night... and all day. Some were really emotional. Some could fly off the handle at any second. Some had a warped version of their life and who was responsible for it. Some had been in and out of jail. Some weren't very close to their family despite their family being awesome. Some lost and gained friends like a second grader moving around from school to

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