Essay Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships

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Human, as a social animal, naturally looking for closed relationship to increase the possibility to survive. Among all kinds of relationships, romantic relationship serves as one of the most important one which ensure gene pass from generation to generation. During past several weeks, our team members, Anran, Biying and I, were looking for relationship intervention to help maintain high relationship quality, therefore can increase Subject Well Being.

Research indicates that relationship quality is highly correlated with Subject Well Being that happy couples are more likely to report higher SWB scores than those are unhappy. In addition, if the relationships are unhappy, couples have higher depression scores than those are unpartnered (Ross, 1995).

Love is core of relationship or marriage. Based on triangular theory of love developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg, perfect relationship is constructed by three components: passion, commitment and intimacy.

Intimacy locates at top vertex of triangle, “refers to feelings of closeness, connectedness and bondedness in loving relationship (Sternberg, 1997)”. It is natural that the relationship quality declines after the honeymoon period since intimacy between each other gradually decrease. However, this can be improved, because Human brain can trick people by mixing the feeling of different arousals of heart beating. Sharing exciting activities, like doing sport with romantic partner, can increases heartbeats, thus creates…

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