Supernatural Character Analysis

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In Eric Kripke’s CW show Supernatural, the audience is introduced to two very different brothers. Sam Winchester, the younger of the two, has a life filled with opportunity. At age 21, he finds himself concluding his undergrad at Stanford with an LSAT score of 174 and a loving relationship with his live in girlfriend, Jessica. When his brother Dean unexpectedly arrives with the unfortunate news that their father has gone missing, Sam is required to leave school for a weekend to aid his brother’s search for their father, John Winchester. While their weekend trip does result in the rescue of another family, they do not find their father. Instead, Sam returns to his apartment to find Jessica murdered in the same fashion that their mother
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I will do this by making note of three relationships within the television show, discussing examples of the three dimensions of romantic relationships, and evaluating which love style the couple falls into; eros, storge, ludus, pragma, mania, and agape I will examine the main love interest of Sam, Ruby, and the main love interest of Dean, Lisa, while also noting any sense of the romantic love between the brothers that spark the thousands of “Wincest” …show more content…
The chart was made to detail the three dimensions of romantic relationships, passion, commitment, and intimacy. Since commitment is the easiest concept to grasp, it was the only dimension that was not further dissected. Passion was classified into two categories, positive feelings and desire. If both were not present the relationship could not be concluded to contain passion, but it could be seen as a reason as to why this relationship may have failed. Intimacy was split into three categories, closeness, connection, and tenderness. Intimacy proved to be more easily evaluated seeing as the aspects of intimacy intertwine more closely than those of passion. Finally, I used the chart as well as the evidence I witnessed in the episodes to evaluate the love style portrayed by the couple

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