Relationship Between Personality And The Potential Impact Personality

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I am glad to have had the opportunity to read this paper for two reasons: firstly it is an area of psychology that I am interested in (to be more specific I am interested in the development of relationships and the potential impact personality may have on them). Secondly, it is a really solid research that adds a lot of useful information for future research. To confirm the point of views established by Wilson et al., it has always eluded me that personality was never really intensively studied in regards to friendship satisfaction (even more that there is very little research on establishing friendships in the first place) as it is one of the early developmental phase that occurs in an individual. As an individual develops thorough his lifespan, the first influences are family, followed by friendships, to then lead to relationships. Since friendship is an important stepping stone of both an individual 's social life and personal development, it is really confusing to see it being put aside, while relationships take the spotlight. Concurrently, I believe that personality being an individual 's core representation would indeed be a determining factor for friendships (both in regards to satisfaction but also "in the making of" friendship). The scientific lack of research on the possible influence of both personality and friendship interactions/satisfaction is mind boggling in that aspect, I would add even stranger, when talking about teenagers or young adults (while I…

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