Essay Relationship Between Marjane Satrapi 's Persepolis

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Relationships between characters are often used to develop important ideas and themes. An author will use interactions between different characters to convey their feelings and beliefs. This method helps the reader to understand the concept the author is making. In the novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, the author introduces multiple characters that each have a different relationship with the main character, Marjane. As the story progresses, Marjane meets different friends and family members. While each character has a different interaction with Marjane, either negative or positive, the reader ultimately gains a sense of understanding of the idea the writer is portraying.

As the novel progresses, Marjane begins to tell the stories of her childhood. She describes her household as open minded and accepting. Marjane’s parents raise her to question everything and not to believe in everything she is told. When the revolution begins in Iran, Marjane’s parents are in support of the change of the government. Based on a quote from Marjane’s father, Persepolis, “as long as there is oil in the Middle East we will never have peace.” The author shows the reader that her father has strong beliefs about the political issues of their country. Marjane’s relationship with her parents is caring and compassionate yet full of stress and tension. The author uses this relationship between Marjane and her parents to portray the impact that a parent or guardian has on a young child. When…

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