Relationship Between Love And Friendship Essay

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1. The online only relationship is categorized by it being purely internet available. An example of an online only relationship is someone who tweets a status and someone who follows these statuses and reads them. Another common one is having a contact you purely communicate with on Facebook. Love is an interpersonal relationship that can be defined by 6 love styles which include eros, ludic, storge, pragma, manic, and agapic. Love is defined as a closeness or warmth toward another individual in the relationship whether this be romantic or familial. The degrees of love and closeness vary between the styles. For example, Eros is hot and passionate where pragma is more towards practicality and benefit. Friendship is a mutually productive relationship between two people that relies on positive regard and is not romantic. A friendship can be maintained online or face to face. There are different degrees of friendship. For example, a best friend you would do anything for and an individual you talk to sometimes. Family relationships come in different forms. There is the primary relationship which where the couple can be seen as traditional, independents, or separates. Traditional being they are usual together. Separates being the lowest extreme where they see themselves as entirely outside each other. Types of family structures include consensual, protective, pluralistic, and Laissez faire families. Each of these family structures relies on different…

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