Relationship Between Loneliness And Loneliness

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find it easier to rely on digital connections to relate to other people. However, these digital connections are just an illusion of companionship, and there are no assurance that there is friendship involved in that network (Turkle 2). As a result, the increased use of technology has made it possible for people to hide from each other despite the networks created by these technologies. Sociable robots are assuming the role of traditional communication whereby they are able to gaze, speak and convey messages where they help us learn new things due to their wide reach. As human beings, it is upon us to take care of these sociable robots since it is the only way through which we ensure that they continue to function. However, the assumption made …show more content…
The relation between the two is a question that is widely debated as it exists paradoxically. The relationship has been noted to be bidirectional based on a recent longitudinal study (Kim, Robert, and Wei, 451). There have been accounts of how increased technological use may have resulted in the involved individuals being lonely. However, in the same manner, loneliness may indeed have a significant influence on the interaction of people through technological means. This is because most people may not believe that they have the competent offline skills to communicate with people in this manner. Their preference is to be online as they are able to express themselves better there rather than the offline medium. Dysphoric individuals are an excellent example of such people since they will opt to look for any successful methods through which they regain their self-control (Kim, Robert, and Wei, 452). It is evident that people who are lonely may opt to turn to using technology as a way of escaping their deficient social skills since they may experience negative life outcomes

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