Human Relations And Self-Esteem Analysis

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Human Relations and Self-Esteem
Self-esteem is a dynamic mechanism that influences an individual’s daily life and forms the basis of a positive or negative behavior. It is vitally important since it affects the way one thinks and feels about themselves in order to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, self-esteem will help people understand their self-worth and importance. Most people’s thoughts and feelings about themselves change based on daily life experiences and events. High self-esteem can most importantly increase confidence, which will in return bring happiness and motivation in one’s life. On the other side, low self-esteem can cause unhappiness and insecurity and makes it difficult to overcome the challenges
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High self-esteem is an optimistic outlook of life and at one’s self while low self-esteem is related to a negative and morbid view. High self-esteem includes the way a person believes him or herself to be capable, adequate, and worthy; it is a respect that people hold for themselves as a part of their self-concept (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). High self-esteem develops when a person feels that he or she is a valuable and worthy individual. According to Lamberton and Minor (2014) liking and accepting yourself is one of the most important skills one can learn in life that leads to a high self-esteem. On the other hand, low self-esteem occurs when an individual is unable to see themselves as talented, sufficient, or worthy (Lmberton & Minor, 2014). People have the freedom to choose who they want to become and nothing can take this away from them. This is an innate right that comes with having a human conscious. Obviously there are many outside factors that …show more content…
Building a high self-esteem is one of the most important things people can do for themselves. With high self-esteem comes confidence and motivation, but this can go either in a positive or negative way. Higher confidence and motivation can lead to the ability to tackle a more difficult goal, become harder working, and have more faith in one’s abilities. A person with high self-esteem will be open and ready to confront new ventures in life. Being patient and easing up on instant gratification are also keys to a higher self-esteem. In the end, it is the choice you make and the behavior you choose to follow that will lead to your self-concept, self-image, and

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