Relationship Between Eliza And Higgins In My Fair Lady And Pygmalion

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Register to read the introduction… First of all the relationship between Higgins and Eliza in the film is more romanticized than in the play Pygmalion. Signs of this are when Eliza and Higgins dance at the ball, when Eliza sings in Higgins house after learning to dance with Higgins, “I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more.”, and when Eliza, instead of marrying Freddy like in the play, goes back and lives with Henry, creating a “happily ever after” moment. Contrasting this, in Pygmalion Eliza never dances with Higgins, and they have more of a teacher student relationship. Additionally, Eliza never goes back to live with Higgins, but goes and marries Freddy. My Fair Lady and Pygmalion are fairly

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