Relationship Between Democracy And Development

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Why the Connection Between Democracy and Development is Fading
It has often been believed that the presence of a democratic government within a state inevitably guarantees the state’s developmental success, and as a country develops economically, a democratic power will soon follow. However, this topic has been largely debated both in the twentieth century and the turn of the millennium because of the growing number of autocratic states developing economically while avoiding weakening governmental supremacy and often dismissing social development, such as human rights. When implemented correctly, a democratic government can lead to development and prosperity; then again, democracy is not always necessary for a country to develop economically and socially, unfortunately often strengthening tyrants and their autocratic governments. Using the research and knowledge from the works of political science theorists, this text will discuss the reasons why democracy and development are not certain to harmonize.
It was a common view in the west that
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This transition for a poor country could be approached in different ways, such as decisions and interactions formulated within the government and between political actors, or outside of the government by the people through “social mobilization” and protests until the change is made (Menocal 5). A contemporary example of the latter technique is Ukraine and the protests that ensued after the overthrowing of President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014 (Menocal 5). Menocal does not deny that in many cases, authoritarian governments are more developed than some democracies; however, she concludes with much evidence that development, in most cases, is prosperous in democratic governments

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