Essay on Relationship Between Creativity And Creativity

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Creativity, as a basic concept, is the ability for people to be imaginative and construct novel concepts to further knowledge and understanding in a specific field. It is often most referred to when speaking of artistic endeavours in fields such as the arts, music and literature. It is fundamentally bound to psychology in the sense that it is so closely associated with individual capacity to influence and be influenced by others. Psychologists’ have long asked the question of what exactly encourages creativity, and more specifically they wish to investigate how important the many complex relationships we have with others are in determining creative potential. This essay introduces, compares and contrasts three frameworks which explore relationships and creativity, the importance of external motivation from others and looks at the differences in level of external contributions to individual creative processes.
The first framework to be discussed, ‘creative contexts’ centres on creativity in the individual and how this is fostered and developed over time. The second framework focuses on ‘creative collaboration’. Finally, the third framework of ‘creative groups and cultures’ uses the ‘social identity theory’ to explore several groups which a creative individual can belong to, and their impact on creativeness.
All three frameworks address the importance of those close to the individual or collective unit as having influence on creative power. Teresa Amabile is the psychologist…

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