Relations Between Europeans And Native Americans

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Learning about U.S. history have given me an awareness about many things that happen before 1877. Such as how the Europeans came to conquer the New World. The relations between the Native Americans and the Whites. Also, how they new world developed in many ways and how the different nations fight to gain control of it. My focus will be about the relations of the whites and blacks in the New World call America. How they treated each other and how both sides respond to struggles of America. Before slavery every commenced their where blacks in the New World. They came as indentured servants with other whites, working for rich people on their land for seven years (Davidson, JW. Delay, B. Heyrman, CL. Lyte, MH. Stoff, MB, 47). After, they would be able to get their own land in the New World (Davidson, JW. Delay, B. Heyrman, CL. Lyte, MH. Stoff, MB, 47). Though the Europeans were trading with Africa …show more content…
Many slaves had populated America. As a matter of fact, the south had about one -third of slaves (Slavery in America, 1). Many were carried to the Caribbean Islands and Brazil (Davidson, JW. Delay, B. Heyrman, CL. Lyte, MH. Stoff, MB, 50). On the contrary, Africans was not happy to come to America especially as a slave. Enslaved Africans outnumbered Europeans from 1492 to 1820 (Davidson, JW. Delay, B. Heyrman, CL. Lyte, MH. Stoff, MB, 47). Many plot to escaped, if they were caught escaping, they would’ve been killed or lash many times (Slavery in America, 1). Slaves were not living in good conditions on the plantation. Consequently, slaves weren’t treated well on those plantations and endured harsh labor that put a toll on them. With that stated, many rebel against the slave masters. One known revolt was on August 1831 in Virginia, it was led by Nat Turner a slave (Slavery in America, 1). Before the military came and stop the rebellion 60 whites had died (Slavery in America,

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