Relational Cognition And Social Cognition Essay

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Interpersonal behavior is defined as the behaviors displayed in relationships enticed by emotions (McDevitt & Ormord, 2013). These behaviors and actions do not only include the verbal responses but also facial and body cues. Many factors influence how a person interacts with others around them, two being meta-cognition and social cognition. Each has their own facets that impact different areas of interpersonal behaviors. Meta-cognition concerns the process in which cognition is manipulated to fulfill the needs of the person (Frith, 2012). Its more common definition is that it is an awareness of cognitive thought and its processes. Meta-cognition has two forms, which are the implicit and explicit forms. The implicit form of metacognition is the process of supervising cognitive activity from ones own thinking (Frith, 2012).
The explicit form of metacognitive knowledge concerns knowledge on people and their capabilities as well as tasks that they perform to rationalize behaviors (Frith, 2012). Metacognition also makes it easier for children to add on to their knowledge, adapting old information to include new concepts. Both of the concepts found within metacognition can effect how one interacts with others. For instance, implicative metacognition may affect speech. If a person is speaking and makes a grammatical mistake, they will more than likely repeat their sentence or phrase with the correct grammar because they are monitoring their speech and knowledge that is being…

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