Essay about Regulation of Advertising and Promotion

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Chapter 20
Regulation of Advertising and Promotion

True / False Questions 1.
Regulatory concerns never play a major role in the advertising decision-making process. True False 2.
Self-regulation and control of advertising emanate from individual advertisers and their agencies. True False 3.
Self-regulation begins with the interaction of client and agency when creative ideas are generated and submitted for consideration. True False 4.
Policies and procedures for industry self-regulation are established by the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council. True False 5.
Federal law requires that advertisers possess substantiation for their advertising claims before the claims are published. True False 6.
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Better Business Bureau

World Trade Organization

Chamber of Deputies

The BBB is the largest and best known self-regulatory mechanism in the United States for controlling advertising practices that has been established by the business community. BBB stands for:

Board for Business Broadcasting.

Board of the Best Businessmen.

Board for Betterment of Broadcasting.

Better Business Bureau.

Best Business Bureau.

Which of the following sentences is true of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?

The BBB is a federal regulatory agency that controls advertising.

The BBB promotes fair advertising and selling practices across all industries.

The BBB was established to handle client complaints about regional business practices.

The BBB is regulated by the American Marketing Association.

Local BBBs are located in only two cities across America.

Local Better Business Bureaus (BBBs):

A. receive and investigate complaints from consumers regarding advertising in their area.

B. are located in small cities throughout the United States with population less than 200,000.

C. are government-aided agencies.

D. follow a standard operating procedure for handling complaints as implemented by the Federal Trade Commission.

E. are funded by the Council of Better Business Bureaus.

Better Business Bureaus (BBBs) provide effective control over advertising practices at the _____

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