Registering For Asian American Studies Essay

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Registering for Asian American study is one of the weirdest and out of the blue classes I have ever registered. My main reason toward registering in Association for Asian American Studies 1500 (HIST/ AAAS 1500) was that I am fulfilling the race and ethnicity requirement by the university. My second day of the semester and I was strolling to my Asian American Studies lecture located in king hall on the third floor; I started thinking through my stroll up the stairs. I begin questioning myself onto out of all courses why Asian American studies. I begin assuming that I will be the only Latino out of a class of Asians. I even start stereotyping that these Asians are going to keep to themselves and I would have to defend for myself. Nevertheless, I walk into class and saw a variety of students. I also saw my summer STEP leader Jade, a civil engineer that teaches math for early entrance upcoming freshman. I thought I would feel out of place, alone, and dealing with a professor that gives no fucks but it turns out that this class surprised me. The theme of the class was presented on the syllabus on the first day of class. Professor Juily Phun illustrated on her syllabus that states,
“This course is a crosscut of the disciplines of history and Asian American Studies to examine the historical intersections of class, race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality in environmental history, and food justice.”
The specification of Asian American in America at a point of history that revolves…

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