Persuasive Essay On Syrian Refugees

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The topic of refugees has been a major issue in the United States for quite a long time. They allegedly commit all crimes and are the main cause of terrorism in the United States and Europe. Refugees differ from immigrants because immigrants have the opportunity to move, usually to seek better (economic) opportunities. Whereas, refugees are forced to move out of their homeland due to: conflict-induced displacement; development-induced displacement; and disaster-induced displacement. Where ever the immigrants choose to reside, they often face many negative stigmas about their ethnicity, how they’re believed to impact the given economy, and how they are perceived and forced to assimilate into the new society. Refugees should be able to have a safe and easy transition into the new country they decide to settle in. We should focus on attacking the negative stigmas that come hand in hand with refugees. The thing that countries who house refugees need to do, is educate their citizens that refugees do not have the option to choose where they go. They are literally picked from their homeland and forced to relocate to another country for their safety, even though that means losing everything. They enter a new country with nothing, none to minimal money, barely any clothing and they are often faced with the …show more content…
In the case for Syria’s 11 million refugees, 6 million Syrians are internally displaced, 3 million are in Turkey, 1 million fled to Lebanon, a rough estimate of 700,000 fled to Jordan and 300,000 in Iraq while some flee to European countries. This goes to show that refugees from war-torn places usually flee to nearby countries because they usually do not have the luxuries to flee to first world countries. It is important for US citizens to keep in mind that we actually don’t take in as many refugees and we

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