Essay on Refugee Child 's Adjustment And The New Environment

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refugee child’s adjustment to the new environment” (Eisenbruch, 1998). From the interview, Phuoc Do showed that he had experiences cultural differences when he first came to United States. For example, he compared the school in Vietnam and America. He mentioned that school in Vietnam is much harder than here because it require him to learn by heart. He had to memorize the reading material by word and get test in front of the classroom. He also stated that if he do not remember the readings, then he will get hit by the teacher in front of the class. That makes him feel embarrassed, and it really affected his learning ability. In Vietnam, teachers discipline students by hitting and spanking them in the classroom. One positive look is that students in Vietnam are pushed and forced to do good in their study. Another example of culture difference that Phuoc experienced is dress code. The clothes he wore in Vietnam are consider to be normal, however, when he wears the same type of clothes in American schools he will get make fun of by other students. Because of this, he has low self-esteem in school which affected his learning environment. Mrs. Nguyen also experienced the cultural difference when she first immigrated to the United States. She said that she had a cultural shock because she did not know what to expect in school. She did not know that she have to ask a teacher in order to go to the restroom. This affected the class environment because her teacher was…

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