The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication In The Workplace

It is almost time for my big meeting with the owners for out of town. I am frantically going over my PowerPoint, rehearsing my notes, sending out last minute emails. I spent endless hours researching and preparing for this meeting. I have chosen the perfect power suit and I have the conference setup just right, with music playing, marketing displays around the room, the presentation on the overhead projector, information packet on the table equipped with past to projected sales numbers, and the most optimal time I will present my Call to Action to close the deal. After much consideration, to all that I have prepared for and needed to do in only the best way I know how to do it, I manage to pull it off the meeting flawlessly and closing the deal! …show more content…
Interpersonal communication is a key tool to successfully break down barriers that people often build up.
Hinkle 3
While I do conduct a lot of my communicating with upper management, departments, and students in one-on-one settings, such as meetings, PowWows, classroom, or through us interacting on the clinic floor, I do have to, also, spend a great deal of spending/responding to emails, a “electric mail messages exchanged through a computer network, and text messages.” The form of communication refers to Computer-
Mediated Messaging, “which comprises individual messages sent from one person or entity or to another person or group.” The benefits of utilizing Computer- Mediated
Messaging are that offers efficient, immediate, and flexible feedback instantly when sending out reports, memos, and etc. Through immediate communication I send an email to my team no matter mine or their location quickly, allowing for them to review

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