Reflective Essay On Racism

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Reflective Essay 3
I think the discrimination shown in this film is very typical. I used to live downtown of two large cities, LA and DC, and I observed these things with my own eyes so I am not very surprised. While it may not be racist to be watching black males more closely than white males, their actions and their treatment of black men is what I see as racist. I don’t think it is sexist to watch males more closely than females for the same reason above. The cops can avoid racially profile, use brutality, and keep the community safe. Instead they should look to other countries who handle crime better. In Britain they have strict rules on how to handle criminals and very rarely does that result to gun violence, even if the criminal has a gun. In regards to the car insurance, it is wrong to predictively charge blacks based on their race, regardless if blacks got into more car accidents. Same would go for white people. There are lots of examples of racism and predigest in the US. One great example that hits home for me is the Fox bit on china town and that was on national television. Another great example is Donald Trump and his supporters and his banning of Muslims based on their religion.
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While it has many forms, the US has always been plagued by racism. Whether it be to African Americans, Italians, or any other immigrants, just like the world around it, racism can change, grow, and evolve. Take for example the Italians who faced racism when they first moved to America. 200 years later and that racism had evolved from inequality and violence towards them, to them eventually being accepted into society as the “whites”. For the blacks, it is not always that easy. With the difference in skin color, it’s easy to single them out and the racism towards the blacks is even more deeply rooted due to slavery and the Jim Crow Laws. Even in the 21st century, blacks are still treated with

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