Personal Experience: A Health Journal Of My Life

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When starting this health journal, I did not know what to expect. I thought that I would easily give up my goal and just stop all together. I would not say that I was fully successful but I think that I did make progress. I have incorporated lunch into my life. I now eat at least to meals most day and I have noticed a change in my energy level. I now get hungry midday, and if I don’t eat I see a decrease in my concentration and productivity. I have found that a yogurt or a salad midday adds to my energy and I eat less at dinner. I feel more full when I get less now and definitely have more energy later in the day. I also have changed my snack habits and now mostly snack on string cheese, popcorn, nuts or fruit instead of empty calorie snacks. …show more content…
I have found a good lunch foods that I like and that are not full of empty calories, I have not been able to be as strict with dinner. I want to be cooking a making balanced meals for myself but I find that I succumb to the urge to take the easy way out and make pasta or by fast food. Part of this urge is emotional eating, which I know that I do. When I am sad are stressed I want that high fat, sweats comfort foods that provide instant satisfaction but low nutritional value. Changing my emotional eating is a long-term goal, but it is will be a slow process, and I am in the contemplation stage of …show more content…
I know that I need more fiber, and veggies, that I need to increase my water intake, and decrease my fat intake. There are simple actions that I could take, but I don’t. Part of that is school. It is hard to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables because of the amount of time that I need to spend in school. Food shopping and cooking need to be as fast as possible, therefore making the best food choices is hard. This is an on-going process and just because one day I did not make the best choice does not mean that the next I will make the same bad choice. The fact that I was keeping track of my food intake both on the myfitness app and in my journal, gave me a clear picture of days that I was making good choices and days that I was making less good choices. If I made a not great choice, then I was more cognizant of it, and would try harder to make better choices the next day, or for the rest of the

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