Cyberbullying Observation

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My discussion about cyberbullying and when teachers should intervene went well. During my discussion, the individuals in my group were very helpful in sharing their thoughts and ideas. For the most part, my discussion flowed in the way I intended. There was a bit of variance from my plan when my group members wanted to share their experience or their understanding of the situation, however this was beneficial to me as it assisted in presenting support for what I found, on when teachers should or should not intervene. Everyone in my group participated. I found that an effective way to ensure that everyone participated, was by allowing them to share on what they already knew about the topic, giving them time to
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Although many believed that once children leave school they are no longer the responsibility of teachers, according to the Accepting Schools Act (2012), teachers have rights and responsibilities when managing or preventing all types of bullying which includes cyberbullying. If cyberbullying has a negative impact on the “school climate,” then it is indeed the responsibility of teachers to intervene. This means that if cyberbullying interferes with learning or the learning environment, then it is the duty of teachers to intervene. In this case, teachers are required to report the incident to their principal and respond to the situation by recognizing the behavior, telling the bullies to stop, explaining why they need to stop and why they must not display this behavior in the future. Teachers are also able to respond before cyberbullying even occurs by informing students and parents. Teachers are able to inform them through discussion, videos, role playing and other various forms of learning. In doing so, teachers are able to successfully get the message across that cyberbullying is harmful and should not be done as well as the risks of using social media platforms. The Accepting Schools Act (2012) also explains how the Ministry of Education sets out guidelines for how the bullying should be dealt with, meaning that although …show more content…
That being said, I also believe that the Accepting Schools Act (2012) is just. The reason why I believe this is because it works toward the best interest of the child/children that are involved. The act ensures that students who do bully, take responsibility for their actions as it assists them in seeing the harm caused, why what they did was wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Additionally, by promoting an all accepting environment, it ensures that respect is maintained in the classroom between the both the teacher and students and between the students and themselves. Furthermore, this act provides opportunities for teachers to develop their skills, strategies and understanding of bullying prevention and how to promote a positive learning environment. By ensuring that teachers receive the proper education on the topic of cyberbullying and bullying in general, it helps them to find ways to manage and prevent it from occurring which therefore assists the students in developing a better understanding on the topic as well. In doing this, the act also promotes student success as it helps classrooms to achieve and maintain a healthy school climate. This act also reinforces the idea that everyone has a role in creating a positive school environment. By presenting this idea to students

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