Reflective Essay On Christmas

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In our culture’s celebration of Christmas it is certainly a holiday that appreciated the most through the eyes of young child. The magic of Christmas through the eyes of a little one shared with adults is our cultures way of saying that Christmas is for children.

Hearing about the slaughter of innocent children hardly seems like it is still Christmas. It hardly sounds like it is still Christmas after hearing about this story in Matthew’s gospel. In the midst of the 12 days of Christmas the church includes several feast days. The first Martyr, Stephen is the 26th, yesterday was St. John whom this congregation is named after and today, the 28th of December we have the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

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We are reminded that the joy that Christmas brings, there is still darkness, but we CONTINUE to see the light of Christ, the one who has come to save us, the one who is with us.

As Christians we can boldly proclaim that even in our darkest hour there is a God who hears our weeping, there is a God who is with us that will console us.

A God in Jesus Christ who does not allow tyrants to have the final mark or say on us, but by being put to death by tyrants on the cross and that very cross, an instrument of death transformed into an instrument of life, an instrument that seeks to take God out of world is an instrument that ensures that God will reign now and forever. Jesus ultimately destroys the power tyrants and death has over us, through the love Christ poured out for a fallen humanity on this God in Christ Jesus truly saves us.

On the fourth day of Christmas we are reminded that tyrants are real, but on the fourth day of Christmas we are also reminded that the cute little story of a child being wrapped in bands of cloth lying in a manger is indeed real and the salvation he offers is real as

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