Reflection Paper On Terrorism

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Terrorism is the use of force and violence against people or property to intimidate the society and the government. The popularity of the word terrorism has grown nonstop ever since the attacks of 9/11, but this was not the first time the world has seen an attack like this. Terrorism has been going on for centuries, but there is now a growing awareness of the problem. It has become one of the most talked about topics in the media. It is hard to go a day without hearing about a new finding, attempt, or attack. Terrorism is talked about in news broadcasts, newspaper articles, blogs, and social media all around the world. People of all ages hear about this topic every day. The topic of terrorism interested me, because it is widely known, but …show more content…
I did not realize the number of lone-wolves that are committing terrorist acts, who are not connected to terrorist organizations overseas. I find it highly concerning about the idea of people born in the United States turning against their country and harming innocent people. I would have liked the author to have expanded more on how those certain Americans evolved into such violent killers. I wish he would have addressed how the government plans on making the internet a safer platform when it comes to people being able to view websites encouraging dangerous behavior. I believe that the government needs to better monitor what material can be accessed by people from all across the globe. The book has also changed my views on how the media portrays terrorism. I never knew that the media exaggerated terrorist threats the way they do. Peter Bergen talks about terrorism being misunderstood by people due to the media’s perception of it. He concluded that the media is doing the terrorist 's job for them. I wish he would have provided more information about the motives behind the media’s poor portrayal of terrorism. I thought that they were just trying to keep Americans informed, but in reality, it is just a way to cause mass terror. The excessive media coverage keeps people more engaged causing a greater financial gain for those involved. This does not mean that terrorism is not a major issue. I still believe that heightened security is good for America, because it is a way to deter terrorists, because of the higher possibility of them being caught. The United States has really come along way since 9/11, and will continue to broaden their ways of dealing with

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