Reflection Paper On Religion And Religion

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I decided for my paper that I would touch on a couple different topics that I can relate to as far as religion. The first topic I plan on speaking on is my definition of religion and what I have come to realize. I also plan on speaking about the different beliefs and practices that I have either been a part of or witnessed. By the end of this paper you will be able to see the change of a young me in opposed to me now with a mind of my own.
Growing up as a child I believed religion was just going to church every Sunday with my grandparents. My grandmother was a very religious person and always made sure I prayed every night and went to church every Sunday even when I didn’t want to. As a young child all I could really comprehend is that God is good and the devil is bad. I was sent to a private school that taught religion of course. I first went to a little Christian school at 3 which I have no memory of but I then went to a Catholic school at 4 where I stayed until 8th grade.
At this Catholic school is when I started to get my understanding about how we were created and what we are supposed to live by. I was baptized as a Catholic but never really went to a Catholic church until I started this school. My father was not religious and my mother was a
Christian. I still don’t understand why they chose for me to be a Catholic. But now everything I did was in the image of a Catholic.
Looking back into the content of the class where religion is defined I would describe

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