My Internship With Mental Illness

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afraid to work on the men’s unit, I got over that quick. I think the patients where more afraid of me then I was of them. My profession calls for more than a discharge plan; I learned that early in the internship. My first day of working at the agency, I knew that some of the patients did not have a stable and loving environment. I started working on a plan to build a healthy relationship of trust so all the patients will open up enough to trust what I was trying my intentions and not shut down, so I succeeded. The patients started coming to the desk just to get a conversation even though I was not their social worker. I never turned them away, but I did relay the message to their social worker. I have learned a lot about mankind and diversity in the mental health profession. They all have a similarity, but are affected differently by the same disorder. When remember looking at this population and wondering how …show more content…
When I go to the didactic groups, they are nourishment for the heart of the patients or reutilization to get them ready for the world. I remember looking around the wall at the men to hear their reply to different questions that are asked by the mental health techs. They all have been hurt, abused or assaulted by someone in their families at no fault of their own. I sit without an input on the topic because I want to hear the pain so I can attack it a solution. After the group is over, I run over to the desk to find something that will help them at the moment to heal the pain. This profession will cause you to get involved to build any type of relationship, so I make myself known by going to their recreations and playing volleyball with them, and join in their dances. This is to let them know, that I am not here to judge you, but to let you know, that I am here as a part of your recovery

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