Reflection Paper On Meditation And Meditation

763 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
Reflection journal 3 The time always past soon, I cannot believe this semester is almost finished, I can still remember the first time meditation in the class. From the five minutes’ meditation to 20 minutes’ meditation, I can deeply feel the differences between the beginning of the class and now. The most different thing is I am not blundering, I can accept it what I need to do, I remembered I was quite uncomfortable in my first meditation, I was easy to disturb by others, but now I am calm in my heart. From the meditation, I have more thoughts with Buddhism, and I think the most impressive thing for Buddhism is they are easy to get rid of the secular obsessions, whatever the things made people confused they always find the answer. I can feel this attitude whose has told people should have a peace of mind.
Duration this period of meditation, I am able to calm down whenever I have a trouble. People shouldn 't be impulsive, because impulses is devil, the behavior or thinking is wrong when they are in a trouble. We need to make sure we are getting the proper message and don 't get ourselves lost. There was one thing that I felt I was changed. I was argued with my roommate for a small thing a few days ago, he forgot the right time to pick me up, and waited me for ten minutes while the car has been started in a parking lot. My phone died at that day, he cannot contact me in time. He was angry and started to complain me when I was there and told me someone honk the horn to…

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