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Book Commentary Paper I chose to read the book “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield. This book, like his other written book “The War of Art”, talks a lot about being practical and literally – doing the work. It is like an action plan, which I believe can help get anyone who is stuck in his or her life. The books guides you how to begin and challenge yourself for things to come.

One of the key points that I found interesting is to start before you are even ready. Because when we start, we jump straight into doing the task. Sometimes, what is really pulling us back from beginning or finishing our work is our mindset. We tend to get scared or afraid of it, and then you will just put it aside and procrastinate. But, when we put those negative
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Being in a sense “stubborn” by not taking no for an answer and to just keep our eyes focused on the task would help us stay on track and not sway away. Sometimes, I lack being focused on my work and I tend to drift off and procrastinate. But, after reading this book, it has really given me this motivation to do the work and not stop until the finishing line. This could also mean that we should give our all in to whatever task we are doing. By giving your best and taking the work seriously, good outcomes will happen whether or not it comes from the work or the experience we gained by doing the work. One way or another, we learn and we strive to better …show more content…
I used to think that if I cut a bad weed out of my life, the problem would go away. However, that is not all true. Avoiding our problems is never the answer. He then goes on to say that we can instead outsmart it. We should stop thinking of our resistance as something like an undefeatable giant. It is possible to overcome these things, but we should also not underestimate the power the resistance has over us. We should then work our way around it and not let it get the best of us. A level of confidence in ourselves also helps because we will then begin to believe in the effect of our actions towards our

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