Reflection On Special Education

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As an outsider, it is pretty common now that special education schools and public education schools have the same learning goals such as “student’s achievement”, but they differ in learning styles.
Since Benton Hall Academy prohibits any exposure of the students’ information to this type of Service learning, so that the observation was done without direct contact with the students. In the first place, my perception has changed due to what I learned and experienced during the observation, the students are amazing, some of them are eager to learn despite their problems. Because the observation was done in swift, there are a lot of things I want to know if I spent more time in the classroom, such as students’ improvements, achievements and the reading and mathematical skills.
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That is not an easy scientific work to be done even for normal students. Now, I can answer my questions, I believe it is difficult to teach this type of students. In order to handle the unique needs of a student disability, I have to recognize the type of disabilities of the students, I would use appropriate language that is suitable for each student’s mastery level and know strengthens and weaknesses of my students. The classroom is cozy, organized and appropriate for teaching such students. To help improving the students learning the teacher gives the extra tasks in the classroom to work in

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