Reflection On School Bullying

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I believe that the school bullying appear on every primary school and middle school, though the high schools’ situation are better, it still exist on high school. It is seem like that the bullying case usually relate with the teenager. The most of the teenagers have been a part of the bullying, whatever the bully or victim. Meanwhile, the relationship during the campus bullying case is really complicate. Someone want to reinforce the bully, getting to involve a bullying group. Some like to defend the hurting from the bully, protecting the victims, or others just keep themselves out of the bullying. I am the one who had attempted to get out of the bullying, even assisted the bully for getting rid of the troubles. This experience change me into …show more content…
Sometimes I guessed he might have no ideas why people just want to bully him, but I did know the reasons. After the orientation, everyone was the first year for their middle school’s career, and they cannot wait to mate other people, forming a small unity that can protect themselves. In my opinion, bullying was an efficient way to do that. On the first day of new semester. Leung, I and other six people were arranged in one dormitory in the first day, which means there were eight people in a dorm, and Leung showed his different behaviors again. For example, we both need to wear the school uniform, but the school uniforms were ugly, because they were so old-fashionable which like the T-shits of 1980s. Moreover, the T-shirts had two fasteners on the front side, and we would not tie the top one because it looked more comfortable, except the Leung. He showed us that he was a definitely rule-taker, he tied the two fasteners based on the picture sample of the school uniform, looked like a real 1980s people. Anyone was laughing at his dressing, including me. I do not really think there is anything need to laugh like that way, but I just want to follow …show more content…
Once time, they asked me for assisting them to make fun of him. Specifically, they want me attracted him out of the dorm, and they cut all the fasteners of his every school uniforms. One guy of them is my close friend, so I would not reject them. Only things I could do was telling myself that it is not an extremely serious things for him, and he would be used to it, taking it easy. Then I invite Leung to get out of the tropical dorm and buy a drink for him. He agreed without doubts. We sat on the soccer field, drinking the ice coke and watching the people jogging round the pitch. I asked him which high school he was going to choose, and he responded me a sad expression. In that night, he eventually found that fasteners which have been cut out from the T-shirts, and he kept silence until the next day, when everybody in the classroom laughed at him because of his non-fasteners shirt, he cried and yelling. He cursing every person who he thought was taking part in mischief, but actual number was much more than that. However, Leung had not mentioned my name, maybe he never thought about that I was one of the bully.
When I entered the high school, I started to confuse why I helped those bully. A close friend? I did not think it was a real reason. However, I decided to change myself into a more just people, and I would not let myself do something like that. Negatively, I became

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