Felicia's Nutritional Value: Case Study

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Nutritional Value At the beginning of the class, Felicia’s diet goal was to lose weight. In attempt to do so, she ruled out carbs. Her diet consisted of the Carnation Instant Breakfast Essential smoothie for breakfast. The smoothie consisted of one frozen banana, one percent milk, and the powder. For lunch and dinner; it was either tuna, or omelet with two eggs, ham, cheese, and spinach, or a salad with lettuce, spinach, three boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, balsamic or light raspberry vinaigrette. Using the supertracker.usda.gov website, she discovered that she was not obtaining at least half of the amount of the nutrients, minerals, or vitamins needed daily. The nutrients she was consuming too much of were cholesterol and saturated fats. …show more content…
She tries to avoid sweets, junk foods, sodas, and fast foods. Before being on a steady diet of healthy food choices, she also tried a diet with no carbs. The carbs were replaced with protein or protein powder. Supplements are not the best way to lose weight, but it helps jump start the process of losing weight by giving faster results. Replacing carbs with proteins helps with weight loss because if the body has no carbs to create energy from, it starts using protein calories to create energy. Protein calories burn faster than carbohydrates. A certain amount of protein also helps leave a longer feeling of satiety. Cravings for sweets are less likely to happen. Even though carbohydrates have been replaced by proteins, it is still good for Felicia to squeeze in a minimum of at least a 30 minute workout. The only problem she encountered while experimenting this diet was the feeling of chewing. Pinterest was a good source to help her find new ways of consuming protein powder while staying healthy. She made protein peanut butter balls. Which consisted of one scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, two tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoon of peanut butter. It tasted like peanut butter cookies. The reason she abandoned this diet is due to the fact she never worked out enough to help lose the weight. To lose weight, the body has to burn more calories than being consumed. She was not burning enough to lose weight. Even though she was consuming less than the daily calorie

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