Essay On Nursing Writing Style

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I never really thought about how my writing style as a nurse will reflect on my habits in my freshman writing class. In order to answer this very important question, I needed to talk to other nursing majors and do a little research. There are multiple components that go into a nursing paper. for starters, as nurses we use APA format, which we do not use in Comp1 & 2. As nurses, we need to know who our audience is, we have to modify our writing in order to meet our readers needs. Knowing how to write to a certain audience will help me in any writing class I will take in the future. We recently wrote a rhetorical paper discussing the topics of ethos, logos, and pathos and determining which writer presented their argument the best. As nurses we will have to change our writing styles depending on our purpose and context, also known as rhetorical writing. …show more content…
From my research, these two thing are the only writing habits that I have had in common with Comp 1 & 2. There are many more styles that go into writing a paper for nursing such as, scientific research, database research, interviews, personal statements, and a cover letter. There is a great deal of research that goes into writing a paper for nursing such as engaging in secondary research which allows us to support our argument with evidence from multiple sources. Another difference that i noticed between Comp 1 & 2 and writing for nursing is the choice of words. In nursing papers, scientific word usage is the norm, it helps the writer 's audience understand their point of view and reasonings better than regular word usage would. There are a great deal of similarities between the two writing styles and they also have their differences. Having comp before my nursing writing classes will help me a ton with my

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